Men of Eagle Peak Trilogy

One girl, Seven convicts, three smoldering novellas

Two years after the worldwide pandemic, there is no law, no communications, no state lines, and no safety. The few who survived came out stronger, each with a unique power. Except for Cora. Powerless and alone after escaping two abusive men, she doesn’t expect to live long. But at least she’s free.


Until she trespasses on Eagle Peak, where a band of seven convicts have created a settlement. Judge is the leader, and he protects what’s his with brutal justice. When he finds Cora, the first woman he and his men have seen since The Fever, he rules that she will stay with them…and be shared by them.


When Judge speaks, the ruling is final. His men will make it so. Whether Cora is ready or not.


Volume 6

Coming Soon!

Finding Their Heart is BOOK 1 of 3. It is novella-length (40,000 words), which is half the length of a typical novel.
"Mira is a new author to me and I just loved this book!"
–Amazon reviewer

Surviving the worldwide pandemic was the easy part. Surviving the attention of seven escaped convicts determined to share her in every way? That might be the death of her.

Book 2 Coming Fall 2020!

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