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Men of Eagle Peak

One girl, Seven convicts, three FOUR smoldering volumes


Two years after the worldwide pandemic, there is no law, no communications, no state lines, and no safety. The few who survived came out stronger, each with a unique power. Except for Cora. Powerless and alone after escaping two abusive men, she doesn’t expect to live long. But at least she’s free.


Until she trespasses on Eagle Peak, where a band of seven convicts have created a settlement. Judge is the leader, and he protects what’s his with brutal justice. When he finds Cora, the first woman he and his men have seen since The Fever, he rules that she will stay with them…and be shared by them.


When Judge speaks, the ruling is final. His men will make it so. Whether Cora is ready or not.

Finding Their Heart is BOOK 1 of 4. It is novella-length (40,000 words), which is half the length of a typical novel.
"THE MEN! There is literally one for every day of the week!"
–Amazon reviewer

Surviving the worldwide pandemic was the easy part. Surviving the attention of seven escaped convicts determined to share her in every way? That might be the death of her.

Fixing Their Heart is BOOK 2 of 4. It is full-novel length (75,000 words)
"Mira is a new author to me and I just loved this book!"
–Amazon reviewer

It’s a new world with new rules, but that won’t stop the only surviving female from making some rules of her own.

It’s a new world, and there are new rules. Like the superpowers all survivors of The Virus are Gifted with. Like how a single man serves as Judge, jury, and executioner, doling out capital punishment with barely a blink. Like how one woman can be shared by seven men.

The Men of Eagle Peak have created a settlement, and their goal is to pioneer this new world. Cora needs them for survival and protection, and they need her because she’s the only living female as far as any of them know. The human race will die out unless Cora becomes a mother.

But Cora isn’t ready to be a mother. And she’s not interested in a new world where women are defined by what their bodies can provide for a man. She is determined to carve out her own role at Eagle Peak, even if she has to stand up to seven convicted felons to do it.

Fixing Their Heart is BOOK 3 of 4. It is full-novel length (89,000 words)
"Mira is a new author to me and I just loved this book!"
–Amazon reviewer

Cora might not have a Gift, but when danger threatens, her love will prove more powerful than any weapon on earth.

FollowingTheirHeart-MoEP3 (1).jpg

Cora is growing into her role with her seven men at Eagle Peak. She is the heart of the new-world settlement, and she embraces the responsibilities that come with her position. Dealing with seven men, each with their own baggage, isn’t an easy job, but there are perks that make her efforts worthwhile. Like steamy nights with one or more of her men, leisurely mornings in bed, and surprise interludes behind the lodge.


Her life looks starkly different now compared to before the Virus, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything. She’ll even fight for it, if necessary, and that’s exactly what she’ll have to do when another group of survivors invades her home and tries to kidnap her.


Cora’s men have supernatural Gifts that help them defend their turf and their woman, but the enemy has Gifts, too. To win this fight, each of her men will have to learn how to harness their unique powers, and Cora will have to love like she’s never loved before.

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