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New Release!
✨BOOK 3✨
Following Their Heart
Cora might be the smallest and least Gifted resident of Eagle Peak, but when danger threatens, her love will prove more powerful than any weapon on earth.

Smut for your EARS

You haven't experienced Joe until you've HEARD him

I don't know how I managed to cozy up to narrator Sean Crisden, but now that I have, I'm not letting him go any time soon. Not even if he begs (which so far, I'm happy to report he hasn't).


Find Sean's bio here.

And get ready to burn a hole in your Audible credits stash when you see what other steamy books he has breathed life into:

MEP Book 4 Freeing Their Heart



After a brief break to celebrate publishing MEP Book 3, I'm back at the keayboard! YAY! 

Thank you to all of you who are buying this series and reading it on Kindle Unlimited! I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH! And those of you leaving reviews, MWAAAAHHH!

HUGS AND KISSES TO YOU for taking the time to do that! Reviews are a huge help in winning new readers to the Mira team!

Time to watch the word count for book 4 start to climb! 

Many of you know I already have a good chunk written. A few short weeks ago, I was planning on this series being a trilogy. I thought I was writing the last book, but nope. My characters demanded more development. Cora demanded more sexy-times with her men. So here we are, working on book 4, the EXCITING CONCLUSION TO THE MEN OF EAGLE PEAK SERIES!



With the vehicle lights off, the overpass is dark as pitch. The moon is tucked behind rainclouds, and the pavement of highway 87 is slick. Aside from a little rain, which we picked up five hours ago outside Denver, the drive has been smooth and easy. The roads and surrounding land as far as Bernard could see were dead quiet. Not a survivor in sight.

Makes sense. The best safety measure when there’s no organized law is keeping to oneself. The less you interact with other survivors, the easier a go you’ll have of it. Especially if you don’t have a Judge handy to weed out the good from the bad.

The guys are milling around the vehicles, draining their snakes and munching on snacks. I’m on the shoulder with night-vision binocs turned toward the city of Amarillo. On the drive, I found myself wondering how many groups of survivors there are like ours. In the northwest quadrant of the former United States, it’s just us and a few lone entities eking out a living as best they can.

If there’s an organized group in this part of Texas, they’re not advertising themselves. I scan the wide, flat area and see nada. No lights. No movement. No flags hoisted high to announce a settlement. That doesn’t mean the city is empty of survivors. It just means, they’re not looking for interaction.

Fine by me. We’re not looking to interact, either. There will come a time for that, for reaching out and working together to build a new society. But right now, we’ve got other priorities. If it doesn’t help us find our leader and get him back, it’s not on the agenda. Period.


Heavy footsteps sound behind me. I’d know that ground-shaking gait anywhere. Brawn.

“How’s our girl doin’?” I ask when he comes up alongside me.


“Sleeping.” Man of few words.


I lower the binocs. “Alone?”


“Grim’s with her in the missile truck.”




“That our destination?” He’s squinting into the distance, where the former bustling city center sits dead and defeated.


“Don’t know,” I admit.


He huffs a frustrated sigh. I can’t blame him. Jud’s missing. Raptor’s doing who knows what to him, and we’re driving aimlessly around a whole other state than the one he’s likely in.

“We should go to New Orleans,” Brawn says.


“Not according to the Working.”


“Well, the Working needs to shit or get off the pot,” he grumbles and stalks away.


He’s not wrong. I’m impatient, too. Antsy. Ready to throw down with Raptor’s crew and get Jud back. But the Working doesn’t want us charging into the enemy’s turf unprepared. There’s a plan at work. I just don’t know the details yet.

. . .

Rev might not know the details yet, but I do. When this book drops, you're going to want to hold on for a sexy and adventurous ride!


Freeing Their Heart

When something precious is stolen from Eagle Peak, Cora and her men must leave their home and fight to save their family.

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