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When something precious is stolen from Eagle Peak, Cora and her men must leave their home and fight to save their family. Don't miss the exciting & oh-so-steamy conclusion to the MEN OF EAGLE PEAK series!

New Release

Smut for Your Ears

FindingTheirHeart-MoEP1-Audiobook (1).jpg
FixingTheirHeart-MoEP2-Audiobook (1).jpg
The Men of Eagle Peak in Audiobook

Audiobook royalty AVA LUCAS & SEAN CRISDEN 

bring this steamy series to life.

Read it. Listen to it. Feel it deep in your bones. 

Big Bad Cover_Tease copy_edited.jpg

Coming Soon

BIG BAD is set it the same post-apocalyptic world as the Men of Eagle Peak. 

A captive survivor finds hope for a new start when a lone wolf makes a meal of her captor…and makes her his mate.

Prey exists only to be devoured, and I am his prey.

     I want him to eat me and end my lonely existence in this awful post-virus world. But I have no desire for my remains to mix with Sergei’s.

     Finish with him, I think. Then, later, you can have me. Later, I will give myself willingly to you. You may devour me with those fearsome teeth and those rumbling, almost desirous, sounds, and at last, I will be free.

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