New Release!
Book 2 of the Men of Eagle Peak Trilogy is AVAILABLE NOW!
It’s a new world with new rules, but that won’t stop the only surviving female from making some rules of her own.

Smut for your EARS

You haven't experienced Joe until you've HEARD him

I don't know how I managed to cozy up to narrator Sean Crisden, but now that I have, I'm not letting him go any time soon. Not even if he begs (which so far, I'm happy to report he hasn't).


Find Sean's bio here.

And get ready to burn a hole in your Audible credits stash when you see what other steamy books he has breathed life into:

✨✨MEP Book 3 Finished✨✨



I have BIG writing news, my friends. I'm turning The Men of Eagle Peak Trilogy into a Quartet!

I discussed this decision with a few of my awesome fans on Facebook, and YOU are welcome to join the conversation. You can find the post here

What this means for you is:

🎉🎉🎉 BOOK 3 is FINISHED! 🎉🎉🎉

I'm doing my own edits and then it's off to my wonderful editor, Piper Denna, who is an amazing writer herself.

You should be getting it by the end of September, or shortly into October, at the very latest.


Book 3 will end on a cliff hanger.

I hate doing this to you, but I weighed the pros and cons, and I asked a few of you what you thought, and, well, it seems like the best thing for the story.

Breaking the exciting conclusion of this series into 2 books will allow me to dig deeply into the characters of all seven of Cora's men and give them all the healing they need for the most satisfying ending.


My goal is to have it to you by Christmastime. I'm already well into the writing of book 4.

Send me an encouraging note using my comment box! or stop by my Facebook page and leave me a picture of something cute or something that looks like a penis but isn't a penis. I LOVE those! LOL!


None of us expected the meek and bedraggled girl that stole our hearts to blossom as quickly as she has. Not even me. My Gift of prophecy showed our Heart coming to us. It showed us loving and sheltering her. It showed her beginning to heal us as we healed her. But it didn’t show her blossoming into a sex goddess who knows what she wants and is learning how to ask for it.

And, hot damn, are we happy to give her what she wants!

So now, despite the Judge’s initial ruling, Cora is free to spend her nights with one, more, or none of us. She’s also free to enjoy her men any time of the day. Jud has reluctantly agreed to let her dictate her own time. He’s trusting her to keep things fair, showing no favorites and keeping the peace.

Of the eight of us here at this settlement, seven are pleased as punch with the new arrangement, including our sweet Cora. The one who is not pleased currently glowers at Grim’s camper while the moon stalks through the tips of the evergreens. Because that’s where Cora chose to spend her time tonight—with Grim.


Following Their Heart

Cora might be the smallest and least Gifted resident of Eagle Peak, but when danger threatens, her love will prove more powerful than any weapon on earth.


Freeing Their Heart

When something precious is stolen from Eagle Peak, Cora and her men must leave their home and fight to save their family.