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New Release!
✨BOOK 3✨
Following Their Heart
Cora might be the smallest and least Gifted resident of Eagle Peak, but when danger threatens, her love will prove more powerful than any weapon on earth.

Smut for your EARS

You haven't experienced Joe until you've HEARD him

I don't know how I managed to cozy up to narrator Sean Crisden, but now that I have, I'm not letting him go any time soon. Not even if he begs (which so far, I'm happy to report he hasn't).


Find Sean's bio here.

And get ready to burn a hole in your Audible credits stash when you see what other steamy books he has breathed life into:

MEP Book 4 Freeing Their Heart



I did it! I finished this book and am SO EXCITED to bring it to you HOPEFULLY before the end of MAY 2023!

Thank you, readers, for buying this series and reading it on Kindle Unlimited! I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH! And those of you leaving reviews, MWAAAAHHH! HUGS AND KISSES TO YOU for taking the time to do that! Reviews are a huge help in winning new readers to the Mira team!

So, would you like a spicy excerpt from the soon-to-be-released MEP series conclusion?

You don't have to twist my arm. Here you go! You deserve it for sticking with this SLOW writer!



Scrap stretches an arm along the back of the sofa he’s taken over. He watches Brawn dust chalk onto a cue while Shep racks pool balls. Doc stands admiring the fireplace. Grim takes up a big leather chair half in shadow and far away from everyone else. The room rings with quiet tension. They’re probably thinking about tomorrow, like me.

“We could all use a chance to blow off some steam,” Rev says to the room at large. He holds me with my back to his front, and he rocks me gently, side to side. “But I had something a little more intimate than a game of billiards in mind.” His hands rub slowly up my sides. “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I could use me some sweet, young p***y tonight.”

My entire body clenches with need. His dirty words unleash something wild inside me. It begins pacing and craving.

Just like that, all my guys stop what they’re doing and pin me with their gazes. Shep leaves the racked pool balls. He and Brawn stalk our way. Doc follows suit, abandoning the fireplace. Scrap widens his legs and adjusts himself. In his chair in the corner, Grim goes extra still.

“Everyone, gather round and take a seat.” Rev leans back against the pool table with me against his front, and the guys scoot and angle the furniture so its facing us. Leather creaks as muscular bodies settle in for what I hope is a demonstration in making Cora very happy.

Rev’s hands cup my breasts over my flannel shirt. He closes his teeth gently over the top of my ear, and I shiver with anticipation. “Gonna love on you tonight,” he whispers. “All together. Gonna push you, baby. Can you handle what Daddy has for you?”

“Yes. Please.” I trust Rev. Because he knows me. He knows me so well that he’s making sure I don’t have to choose tonight.

He knows all of us. He’s taking care of all of us.

So, when he tugs my arms behind my back and begins wrapping what feels like a leather strap around my wrists, I don’t say a word. He’s tying me up, but he’s not doing it to abuse me. He’s doing it to “love on” me, as he puts it in his sexy, southern way.

He’s going to take charge, and I’m going to let him. We’re all going to let him, and we’ll all benefit from it. Tonight, the seven of us will bond together and strengthen our connection, and next time we come together like this, there won’t be seven of us. There will be eight. And instead of me at the center of our loving, it will be Jud.

. . .

Get ready for multiple partners, bondage, dirty-talk galore, MM, MFM, and even some MMF. Oh, and of course, my favorite, hurt/comfort.


MEP Book 4 will bring you to a VERY satisfying series conclusion... and there might just be a spinoff in the works.


Freeing Their Heart

When something precious is stolen from Eagle Peak, Cora and her men must leave their home and fight to save their family.







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