Surviving the worldwide pandemic was the easy part. Surviving the attention of seven escaped convicts determined to share her in every way? That might be the death of her.
Introducing a sexy trilogy set in the post-apocalyptic wilderness of Montana

Smut for your EARS

You haven't experienced Joe until you've HEARD him

I don't know how I managed to cozy up to narrator Sean Crisden, but now that I have, I'm not letting him go any time soon. Not even if he begs (which so far, I'm happy to report he hasn't).


Find Sean's bio here.

And get ready to burn a hole in your Audible credits stash when you see what other steamy books he has breathed life into:

Meet the Men of Eagle Peak

Writing Progress


You guys! The words are flowing! Keep sending me happy writing vibes! It's WORKING!


I'm making major progress on Men of Eagle Peak, Book 2, and things are really heating up!

A big theme of this book is Cora's journey to healing from her traumatic past. Because of this, I'm thinking of changing the working title from Sharing Their Heart to Fixing Their Heart.

What you can expect:

Cora will spend a night with EACH of the 7 convicts at Eagle Peak. And she will spend time with multiple men at the same time (Ooh, la, la!). Find out if Cora will abandon her "no going inside" rule!

This book will be twice as long as book 1 and will TOTALLY BE WORTH THE WAIT! I PROMISE!

Check in frequently and view my progress!