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Book 2 of the Men of Eagle Peak Trilogy is AVAILABLE NOW!
It’s a new world with new rules, but that won’t stop the only surviving female from making some rules of her own.

Smut for your EARS

You haven't experienced Joe until you've HEARD him

I don't know how I managed to cozy up to narrator Sean Crisden, but now that I have, I'm not letting him go any time soon. Not even if he begs (which so far, I'm happy to report he hasn't).


Find Sean's bio here.

And get ready to burn a hole in your Audible credits stash when you see what other steamy books he has breathed life into:

MEP Book 3 Progress


Men of Eagle Peak, Book 3, Following Their Heart is underway!

It promises to be  EMOTIONAL, EROTIC, & EPIC!


You guys, this month has been so crazy! I have a friend who was in a serious car accident, and I'm watching her daughter while she recovers, and my son has been sick with a flu, and there's just all these little house things going on, you know like what always happens when you have SO many other things to do! But I FINALLY crossed 19,000 words!

These last words were so hard-won, and I'm so proud of myself for writing, even when I was feeling overwhelmed and emotional for my friend. 

I'm on track to finish this book by the end of July. Cheer me on by dropping me a note in the comment box below!

Check in frequently for teasers and view my progress!


     I ran for miles through thick forest and ended up here. 


     Jud saved me from that awful existence. And slowly, the guys here are helping me heal from what Leon put me through. They’re healing me with their patience and gentleness, and, interestingly, by trusting me with their own wounds. Not the kind of wounds that Doc can heal, but personal wounds.


     Each of my guys has scars like I do. Some on the outside, some on the inside. But they all have Gifts to help them through this harsh post-Virus world. I don’t.


     I try not to let it bother me, but it does. It really does.

Here's a possible tagline to wet your whistle:

Cora might be the smallest and least Gifted resident of Eagle Peak, but when danger threatens, her love will prove more powerful than any weapon on earth.